Tartu 88

The Tartu 88 archive project has been created to map and collect both the local art scene as well as the art life of Estonia in general. Even though the project might seem like a local endeavour, the changes that started here in 1988 have greatly influenced Estonian art as a whole. In that year both the painting department of the University of Tartu and the Konrad Mägi studio were opened, breathing new life into the art education of Tartu. They rekindled traditions and together with Tartu Art College, that was founded later, enriched Estonian art.

This project attempts to look at the last 25 years that is represented in our archives with the least material. The purpose is to create an archive that has been thoroughly researched and that would be a logical extension to our present selection. Exhibitions and public events play an important role in making the collection process more visible and understandable. This in turn strengthens our relationship with our community and makes them more inclined to take part in collecting.

If you have any materials related to the art life of Tartu that you think might be valuable for future generations, please contact us at tartums@tartmus.ee!

This project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and Cultural Endowment.