Creative Connections uses art to develop children’s social skills and mutual understanding. We will establish an educational programme that links artistic and social disciplines, create artworks that support communication and set up an international contemporary art exhibition for children.


Our activities are primarily aimed at children aged 6–10. At this age, it is important to learn how to interact with others in a caring and mutually respectful way, as new social networks are being formed, as well as attitudes that will influence the life ahead. Art provides a fresh approach to these topics, teaching empathy and appreciation of differences. Developing social skills with us will be an exciting, creative and educational process.



The project will result in an educational programme and an exhibition. These will be linked together by playful works and environments that support self-expression and interaction. New artwork and educational activities will be created in collaboration with artists, teachers, children and their families.

Creative duo Lundahl & Seitl are using digital solutions to evoke exciting encounters. Photo artists Sigrid Viir and Kristiina Hansen work with local children to develop a new approach to the class photograph and artist Jarõna Ilo urges everyone to experience the therapeutic language of colours. Furthermore, renowned artist William Forsythe together with artist brothers Simon and Tom Bloor are creating a new activity area for children and young people in Tartu public space. We invite families to join in and experience it all!



With our help, museums and art can contribute to children’s well-being. As a result of the project, art will be used more consciously than before to develop social skills. This will make learning more varied and engaging for children. Museums and artists will be supporting teachers and parents, and contemporary art will become more important in everyday life.

Together we can contribute to a healthy and supportive social environment.


Project “Creative Connections” is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 programme.

Watch the introductory video here.


Advocates: Hanna-Liis Kont and Tartu Art Museum

Contact: kunstloob@gmail.com

Read more about the project main events: www.kunstloob.ee/en-US




Header image: Mana Kaasik