If you are a young person aged 14–18 interested in photography, film, fashion, design or any creative field, we invite you to join Tartmus Youth Club!

The club provides a gathering place and activities for young people who are interested in visual culture and its different expressions. Participation in the programme enables you to meet creative professionals, take part in workshops, have fun with other young people with similar interests and develop your teamwork skills by organising events in the museum.

To join the Youth Club, contact us via one of these channels:

What do the Club members think?

Killu, 16: I really like that the Youth Club is exactly what we ourselves make it to be. We get to meet people who we are interested in and all the activities are also chosen by the young people. The art museum helps young people’s wishes to come true.

Liisa, 17: I really liked organizing the film screening, even though it was tiring. I also liked meeting illustrator and artist Liisa Kruusmägi, because in addition to listening to her interesting talk, we got to do something practical by drawing comics with the group. But I have also liked all the other activities!