Full ticket, all floors6€
Full ticket, one exhibition5 €
Reduced ticket, all floors4 €
Reduced ticket, one exhibition 3 €
Family ticket for the whole building (up to 2 adults and minors up to and including 17 years of age)8 €
Family ticket, one exhibition (up to 2 adults and minors up to and including 17 years of age)6 €
The greatest friend ticket (support the museum) 100 €
The great friend ticket (support the museum) 10 €
Year ticket 25 €
Every month’s last Friday ticket1 €
Museum Card59 €
Guided tours and lectures for school groups
1 € per person
Workshops for school groups2 € per person
Guided tours in Estonian 30 € + tickets
Day camp (3 days)45 €
Birthday in the museum (up to 25 people)80 €
Extra person at the Birthday2 €
Guided tours in English, Russian or German 30 € + tickets
ICOM card holders, museum employees of the Estonian Republic, children under 8 years old, unlawfully repressed and people treated as repressed persons, disabled with escorter, journalists with press card, students of the Estonian Academy of Arts, students of the Art Department of Tallinn University, history and art history students of Tartu University, students of the Tartu Art College, pupils of Tartu Art School, art history students of the Institute of History of Tallinn University.

Army recruits and people working for military organisations can visit Tartmus free of charge indefinitely (i.e. until the end of the war in Ukraine) upon presenting a valid certificate (of employment).
Citizens of Ukraine can visit Tartmus free of charge indefinitely (i.e. until the end of the war in Ukraine) upon presenting their ID.
Free admission (on presenting appropriate certificate)
Students, undergraduates, seniors, members of the Estonian Artists' Association and unemployed registered with the Unemployment OfficeReduced ticket (on presenting appropriate certificate)
Free admission on the International Museum Day (18.05), the Tartu Art Museum’s anniversary (17.11) and the Tartu City Day (29.06)
Photographing and filming with professional equipment in agreement with the museum.


Visitor information! 

Tartu Art Museum will not be responsible for personal items, such as clothes, money or valuables, in the wardrobe.
The consumption of food and drink by visitors is prohibited within the Museum building.
Any persons found possessing, using or who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be refused entry to the Museum.
Tickets, books and souvenirs will not be refunded.
Parents, and adults accompanying children, are respectfully reminded that they are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children at all times whilst they are on site. We strongly advise you not to take pets to the museum, but should that occur, the owner is responsible for the supervision of the animal.
Taking photos for personal use is allowed, but pictures must be taken without using flash to protect the artwork. If you wish to take photos or film the exhibits for any other purpose, such as advertising, for publishing in the media, etc., please contact Katrin.looke@tartmus.ee or phone number 51980660