Target group: from 1st to 4th grade groups
Duration: 90 minutes
Fee: 2 € per student
Current exhibition: “Visual Arts in Tartu in the 1960s”
Languages: Estonian or English

The museum lesson introduces art through the notions of “me and us”, enabling the participating students to experience art through themselves and their classmates. This lesson does not delve into art history or artists’ techniques but rather explores the impact art has on us. Art will provide ways to get to know and understand each other better. In the lesson, artworks guide us to actively observe ourselves and interact with each other. Through such an approach, art becomes the tool, influencer, inspiration and a lot more.

The lesson is also created for the teacher who will participate the same way students do. Our wish is to inspire teachers to continue using the methods in the future in their classroom and at other art exhibitions. The methodology is based on the national curriculum and the Bullying-Free School Foundation’s programmes. The lesson is not dependent on any particular exhibition where it is being carried out and can be adjusted to various contexts.

The lesson was created as part of the Creative Connections project by Jane Meresmaa-Roos and Sireli Uusmaa.

More information and registration:
Kristel Sibul
+372 588 1780