The collection of sculptures in Tartu Art Museum contains important works from the genesis of Estonian sculpture. Amandus Adamson and August Weizenberg are the main figures of romantic nationalism and their works are largely represented in the collection. As well as them, the collection includes several works from Anton Starkopf, who was the founder of Art School Pallas and its longstanding lecturer. Starkopf’s works are made in different techniques like plaster casts, reliefs and free-standing sculptures as well as from different materials like wood, bronze, granite, sandstone, beton, ceramics, tin and galvanoplastics.

From the second half of the twentieth century deserves highlighting the works of sculptors such as Voldemar Mellik, Ferdi Sannamees, Jaan Koort. During the period from 1950-1970 the list of sculptures has received additions from various talented artists: Edgar Viies, Mare Mikof, Aime Kuulbusch, Ülo Õun, Tamara Ditman, etc. Later have been added works from Jüri Ojaver, Terje Ojaver, Hannes Starkopf, Mati Karmin, Paul Rodgers, Anna Daniela Saaliste and from the younger generation works from Jass Kaselaan and Jevgeni Zolotko. The collection of sculptures also contains some works from Estonian ceramicists and metal artists from 1950-1960.

Sadly the museum has limited space for exhibitions and we currently do not have a permanent exhibition, so not all of the collection highlights are on show at all times. However, we try to curate a varied programme of changing exhibitions so that there is always something classical on show, as well as picks from contemporary Estonian art.

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