Erik Alalooga is an interdisciplinary artist who has participated in the Estonian art world for over a decade and has his own individual style. He has found his place somewhat separate from the established art scene, in the mysterious regions of niche art.
This publication accompanies Erik Alalooga’s personal exhibition ,,Singulator” at the Tartu Art Museum 24.05.2018-19.08.2018 (curator Joanna Hoffmann). Exhibition is focusing on interactive machines that react to input from visitors. This is one of the most experimental contemporary art exhibitions in our 2018 programme and it uses Alalooga’s oeuvre to introduce the audience to the enchanting and diverse world of machine art.
The book introduces Alalooga’s art with plenty of visual material and is accompanied by a cassette featuring a recording of Erik Alalooga’s performance “Voyeurism for music” on February 23rd 2018.

Published by: Tartu Kunstimuuseum
Year: 2018
Compiler/editor: Joanna Hoffmann
Authors: Erik Alalooga, Joanna Hoffmann, Tõnis Jürgens, Andrus Laansalu, Theodore Parker
Graphic design: Tuuli Aule
Proofreaders: Richard Adang, Anti Saar
Translator: Peeter Talvistu
Format: hardcover
Language: estonian, english
Pages: 351
Measures: 13 x 19,6 cm (book); 6,8 x 10,3 cm (cassette)
ISBN: 9789949722549
Price: 17 eur