The Victory of Art! Exhibition series Tartmus 75!


Curators: Rael Artel, Hanna-Liis Kont

In 2015 Tartmus celebrates its 75th jubilee. On this occasion the museum begins a new exhibition series Tartmus 75!. In the first exhibition, visitors can see a range of archival materials and the very first artworks of our collection – the treasures of Estonian art, such as works by Konrad Mägi, Eduard Wiiralt and many other Pallas school artists.

The series is comprised of three exhibitions, of which the first one titled The Victory of Artis open in the museum’s third floor project space from June 17th. The exhibition concentrates on the founding of the museum in 1940 and on the first artworks that started the collection. Several archival materials are also exhibited, such as the founding document of Tartu Art Museum, articles written at that time on the subject and related photos.

The exhibition will be open until August 2nd.

Curators: Rael Artel and Hanna-Liis Kont, consultant: Peeter Talvistu, graphic design: Tormi Kadak

You are welcome to celebrate the jubilee with us!

About the exhibition series

In the year 2015 Tartmus has its 75th jubilee. It was 75 years ago that the artists’ union Pallas finally accomplished their long time dream and Tartu Art Museum was founded. It is an immense collective effort to build a state museum from what began as private conversations between the artists. That effort should not be underestimated under any political conditions. Tartmus wishes to shed light on the victory of these artists’ hard work with the exhibition The Victory of Art.

With the assistance of three small exhibitions, the viewers have a chance to take a journey to the beginning of the museum and the cultural context of the 1940s’ Tartu. All three exhibitions are based on valuable archival materials (historical documents, photos, articles, etc) that are rarely shown to the public. In addition, unique works from the high time of Tartu’s art scene are shown – pieces made by the outstanding Pallas school artists.

The second exhibition in the series Bombed concentrates on the difficult time of war, when the museum was forced to move again and again. The third and last exhibition in the series The New Beginning introduces the period after World War II (1946–1950), when the museum was able to start its normal way of working.

The exhibited artworks and archival materials are from the collections of Tartu Art Museum and Tartu City Museum.