Ülo Sooster. Familiar and Unfamiliar Physics

On Friday, 19 August Tartu Art Museum will open the exhibition of the works by Ülo Sooster „Familiar and Unfamiliar Physics. Illustrations by Ülo Sooster“. These drawings were made in Moscow in 1963, for the popular science book “Physics: Near and Far” („Физика: близкое и далекое“ Знание, Moscow, 1963). The exhibition will remain open until 9 October 2016.

The exhibition consists of 118 illustrations, the original book, some drawings from the museum’s deposit collection and a video interview with the original book author/compiler Viktor Trostnikov. Tartu Art Museum acquired the drawings in 2014.

Ülo Sooster (1924-1970) is primarily known as a painter, his work as an illustrator has been less recognized. He studied at the Higher Art School Pallas. After the war, he continued his studies at the Tartu State Institute of Art but was sent to prison camp for six years in Karanganda. In March 1956, released from prison, he moved to his wife’s home town Moscow. For unofficial artists like Sooster there were not many prospects for making a living besides illustrating books. He designed and illustrated more than 80 books, as well as collective works and contributions to the magazine Znanije-Zila (Знание-сила). Sooster has illustrated a wide range of different books, among which are children’s books, science fiction, popular science and poetry.

The exhibition is accompanied by the book “Lähedane ja kauge füüsika Ülo Soosteri illustratsioonidega” with commentary by physics Professor Jaak Kikas. The idea for the book came from the desire to understand the context of the original drawings – physics. It is also an attempt to create a dialogue between the world view at the time of its creation and today’s viewers-readers.
On Saturday, 17 September at 12-15 Family Day will take place at the museum, where participants will have the opportunity to playfully explore the exhibition and create their own illustrations.
With this exhibition we participate in the program of the Researchers’ Night Festival and guided tours will take place:
On Wednesday, 28 September at 17.00
On Thursday, 29 September at 18.00
On Friday, September 30 at 17.00

Curator: Kadri Mägi
Graphic design: Jaan Evart
Exhibition team: Nele Ambos, Rael Artel, Karl Feigenbaum, Margus Joonsalu, Aap Kirsel, Sten Ojavee, Julia Polujanenkova, Kristel Sibul, Peeter Talvistu, Tiiu Talvistu, Ago Teedema
We also thank: Jaan Evart, Jaak Kikas, Eha Komissarov, Küllike Pihkva, Julia Polujanenkova, Piret Põldver, Veiko Saago, Ene Sarap, Vladimir Solonenko, Tenno Pent Sooster, Henrik Sova, Kristiina Taluri, Peeter Talvistu, Tiiu Talvistu, Viktor Trostnikov, Boris Shutovsky
Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tartu City Government