Nele Tiidelepp “Who Can Only Be Missed”


On 23 February 2022, Nele Tiidelepp will open her solo exhibition “Who Can Only Be Missed” in the Project Space of the Tartu Art Museum as part of the exhibition series Young Tartu.

The exhibition expresses expectations, uncertainty and the search for a firm foundation. The situation where everything can change in a moment is accompanied by static tension. Tiidelepp’s approach to this situation is based on a wider narrative, but it keeps searching for and exploring various possible solutions. During this process, an expanding sensory landscape grows out of one notional starting point. The artist will create a site-specific spatial and aural installation for the Tartu Art Museum that visitors can experience on their own.

The exhibition deals with themes associated with the body and space that are continuously present in Tiidelepp’s oeuvre. Among other aspects, the artist investigates physical comfort zones and phenomena that overwhelm the body, which are expressed simultaneously in space, in the subconsciousness and through society.

Nele Tiidelepp (b 1998) is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who graduated from the Department of Installation and Sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She works mostly with the inexpressible angst that has its basis in the impossibility of describing the world. Her artistic practice is based on her reactions to the environment and to materials. Tiidelepp has won the Young Art Prize, SIIL Prize and Millennium Prize. She has published a collection of poems and has participated in group exhibitions and other artistic events in Basel, Rovaniemi, Riga, Brussels, Stuttgart, Venice and Moscow, in addition to Estonia.


Curator: Mae Variksoo
Graphic design: Kristjan Hinno
Co-ordinator: Kristlyn Liier

Exhibition team: Richard Adang, Tanel Asmer, Indrek Grigor, Siim Hiis, Joanna Hoffmann, Katrin Lõoke, Jaanika Kuznetsova, Anti Saar, Janar Sarapu, Kristel Sibul, Kristo Tamm, Peeter Talvistu

Supporter: Cultural Endowment of Estonia


Exhibition views
Photos: Jopp Creative