Marie Kõljalg’s exhibition Thank You For Looking!


Traditionally, Tartu University’s painting department’s graduation show takes place in Tartmus again this year. The graduating master student Marie Kõljalg exhibits her final show Thank You For Looking!.  The supervisor of the work is Jaan Elken.

The exhibited works follow the recent courses of young Estonian painters. Marie Kõljalg exhibits site-specific painting, which concentrates on the issue of looking and observing and their interchangeability. She has taken reference from the relations between public – private and military – intimate. The title Thank You For Looking! refers to the desire to be seen and observed, conflating with the bitter acknowledgement, that in the context of excessive images and self-revealing, we are at best looked at, but never seen.

Among the graduates from the TU painting department, Marie Kõljalg’s exhibition in Tartu Art Museum contributes to the rest of the public defendings of the gratuates’ projects in Tartu Art House.

03.06. at 11.00 master projects’ public defending.

11.06. at 18.00 artist talk and performance by an ensamble DIE JUNG. The event is moderated by Marika Agu, participation with museum ticket.