The duo exhibition “vomiting and crying vomiting and crying you are my sister you are my sister” features two artists from different generations, Kadi Estland and Netti Nüganen, showing their newest work. Throughout the first floor of the museum, everyday realities blended with fiction are displayed through personal, yet staged scenes. With its intriguing, depressing, yet also hopeful title, the show calls for less self-censorship and more positive change in society.

Curator Marika Agu (Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia) said that the exhibition “i’m vomiting and crying i’m vomiting and crying: you are my sister you are my sister” came from a recognition of how economic pressure works to condition and favour the art which veers towards the anonymous, pseudo-radical and regulated forms of expression. “Our idea was to take the risk of trying to offer an alternative to this. By combining the everyday and domestic materials with other socially loaded symbolic meanings, the artists create portraits of contemporary people,” said Agu.

Kadi Estland has shaped the Estonian contemporary art field with her feminist approach since the beginning of the 2000s. Regarding the current exhibition, her works are made of found objects and familiar materials that have been combined to create shared narratives and emotional stories. With her strong awareness of contemporary social issues, Estland highlights the reproduction processes of a monoculture.

Netti Nüganen, works with the tension points of eclecticism and specificity, and exhibits video works that address issues like alienation and self-exposure, and plays with different female tropes, without taking them too seriously. Her video collages are based on accelerated and hyperemotional conversations with her sister, which set up various themes that never lead anywhere.

The exhibition at the Tartu Art Museum reflects artists’ attitudes towards the current state of the art field and society in general. Both Kadi Estland’s and Netti Nüganen’s work is characterised by a strong artistic position, immediate and emotional expressions and a principle of leaving the work unfinished. Both artists use collage and work in various media.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication featuring poetry and prose by Estland and Nüganen and photo documentation of the exhibition by Marta Vaarik and Gabriela Liivamäe. The publication is designed by Brit Pavelson. The publication will be launched on 4th of March and the night will include a performance by Netti Nüganen.

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Tartu Art Museum and the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia.

Participating artists: Kadi Estland, Netti Nüganen
Curator: Marika Agu
Coordinator: Kristlyn Liier
Graphic designer: Brit Pavelson

Thanks to: Mati Kattel, Sonja Nüganen, Johhan Rosenberg, Sirje Rump, Timo Toots.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia

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