From Explosion to Expanse. Estonian Contemporary Photography 1991—2015

The exhibition “From Explosion to Expanse. Estonian Contemporary Photography 1991—2015” is the first such large-scale exhibition focusing on contemporary camera-based art, and follows the evolution of photography into one of the most prominent and versatile mediums in Estonian art since the beginning of the nineties. Exhibition will be open until 28.02.2016.

Most global success stories of contemporary art are nowadays linked to photography and photographic education; camera-based work has advantage because of its contemporary, potent visual language. When making an overview of the last 25 years the aim, therefore, is to sketch a picture of camera-based art as a contemporary medium and its most important themes, while using the works of 45 artists as examples. The most significant themes are memory and the creation of memories, the creation and study of social and sexual roles, photography as a medium which carries political charge, and photography as a construer and presenter of the visual and aesthetic world.

In all the works the artist and the camera are active participants and self-conscious meddlers. „Contemporary photographic art is primarily related to people’s identities and self-presentation in social and political context. When creating an image, the artist ought to be bold and precise, because the photographic image has an ability to influence our perception