Wikipedia virtual exhibition: Moments from the Estonian art of 1914–18

There are close to 23 thousand pieces of art in the collection of Tartu Art Museum, however not all of them fit to the museum to be on view at all times. Wikipedia has therefore compiled an online virtual exhibition, based on the collections of Tartu Art Museum and Estonian Art Museum, to showcase moments from the Estonian art world in 1914–18. The exhibition “The decisive years prior to Independence: Moments from the Estonian art of 1914–18” gives an historic overview of events that happened in Estonia during the First World War and which preceded the declaration of Estonian independence. The exhibition also gives insight into the environment and the context that artists of that time worked in.

The exhibition opened in August 2017, but it is open to visitors indefinitely.

There’s close to 50 reproductions from the collections of Tartu Art Museum and Estonian Art Museum on show in chronological order at the exhibition, which hopefully will reach art aficionados worldwide. You can take a virtual tour of the exhibition here.

The exhibition was compiled by Ivo Kruusamägi (Wikipedia), Merli-Triin Eiskop (Tartu Art Museum) and Stina Sarapuu (Estonian Art Museum). In 2016, Tartu Art Museum, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Ajapaik worked together in digitising and publishing the exhibition “Changing Tartu in Four Views“.