Artist talk with Barbora Kleinhamplová

Thursday, 7 December 2023 at 6 p.m.

Curator Indrek Grigor interviews Czech artist Barbora Kleinhamplová, author of the video Irresistible currently exhibited in the project space of Tartu Art Museum.

One of the things that the dominatrix Mistress Velvet, who was active in Chicago, was known for was the idea that they did not merely use their BDSM practices to overcome their own identity trauma of an American with African roots and therefore somebody who was oppressed, but to also change the world view of the white men who came to them as clients, thereby influencing, to a certain extent, the whole of society. The way an individual can discover and employ unexpected methods to transform society was what captivated Barbora Kleinhamplová, leading to a collaboration and to making the video Irresistible.

The conservation is in English.

Participation with a museum ticket. The length of the lecture is about an hour and a half.


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Header image: Still farme from Barbora Kleinhamplovás video “Irresistible”