Tartu Art Museum

Tartmus is an open-minded and welcoming museum filled with interesting meet-ups with newer and also older art from the 20th and 21st century. Tartmus builds bridges between the past and the future and has a say on important topics with modern people. Tartmus is an interesting and inspiring place to spend leisure time. Tartmus house was built in 1793. Due to the soggy bank of the River Emajõgi the house has tilted 5,8 degrees, which is greater than the Pisa tower.

Museum store

There is an art book store where art lovers and professionals can find something to read. You can find all the art books published in Estonia in recent years. There is a variety of souvenirs inspired by Estonian art and works by Estonian designers.

Tartmus in numbers

1,2,3,4,5,6 euros are the prices of Tartmus tickets

5,8 degrees is the Tartmus house tilted left

1940 was the founding year of Tartmus by Pallas art association.

25 512 artworks belong to the Tartmus collection

28 561 books are in the Tartmus library

52 000 euros is the annual artworks purchase price

58 817 811 is the phone number where you can get information about exhibitions and events