Wide Angle I. The Independent Beginning of Tartu Photography

Curator: Julia Polujanenkova

Tartu Art Museum’s new exhibition Wide Angle I. The Independent Beginning of Tartu Photography is open from 27th November in the Project room. This exposition focuses on the Tartu photo scene and its active participants. In addition to photos, memories collected during the project are also exhibited.

The first part on the exhibition is open until 17th ov January, 2016.

Artists: Vallo Kalamees, Toomas Kalve, Peeter Laurits, Ove Maidla, Tõnu Noorits, Malev Toom
Curator: Julia Polujanenkova

The present exhibition is compiled as part of the archive project Tartu 88 and this time concentrates on the Tartu photo scene. The first part Wide Angle I. The Independent Beginning of Tartu focuses on those photographers who have been active and participated in exhibitions since the 1990ies. The second part Wide Angle II. The New School in Tartu Photography is opened in January and explores the Department of Photography at the Tartu Art College and the new generation that came after it was opened.

Photography was very popular in Estonia in the 1980ies due to photography clubs that were active in all the larger towns and attracted numerous people. Artists in Tartu were technically educated and used the new opportunities that the 1990ies offered to travel and get information. Experimental techniques were introduced to their works. Toomas Kalve and Ove Maidla use alternative or classical photography techniques until the present day. Others explore the new means that digital developments have made possible – e.g. Tõnu Noorits, Malev Toom, Peeter Laurits and Vallo Kalamees. Some of these artists have also tried to use their skills in other fields connected to photography such as photojournalism, documentary or commercial photography.

Exhibited works and additional materials come from Tartu Art Museum’s collections and the artists themselves. Interviews with artists and art historian Holger Rajavee accompany the exposition.

Exhibition team: Nele Ambos, Rael Artel, Karl Feigenbaum, Margus Joonsalu, Krista Palm, Ago Teedema, Peeter Talvistu, Tiiu Talvistu
Graphic design: Tnxalatte design collective
Support: OÜ Polven
Special thanks: Viktor Karabut, Holger Rajavee