Picture This! Illustrations from the Collection of Tartmus


On Saturday, 18 June the exhibition „Picture This! Illustrations from the Collection of Tartmus” will open in the Tartu Art Museum with the aim of highlighting illustrations – a medium that is often overlooked. A diverse selection will introduce the visitors to many works that have never been exhibited before.

Illustrations have the power to conjure up whole new worlds. Despite this, the art of illustration, which is tightly associated with literary culture, is paradoxically well known and unfamiliar at the same time. However, the covers of esteemed books might conceal works of art that deserve to be recognised and admired on their own.

The present exhibition will open the doors to the museum’s storage to introduce the viewers to our less displayed collections covering a long period from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day. Some early examples of illustrations and works accompanying religious or scientific texts are exhibited alongside images that will certainly be recognised by the visitors.

The list of artists includes Aleksander Uurits, Carl Timoleon von Neff, Eduard Wiiralt, Evald Okas, Evi Tihemets, Günther Reindorff, Hando Mugasto, Heldur Viires, Kaljo Põllu, Kristjan Raud, Marje Üksine, Nikolai Triik, Siima Škop and Ülo Sooster.

Curators: Kadri Mägi and Mae Variksoo
Coordinator: Kristlyn Liier
Exhibition design: Helmi Marie Langsepp
Graphic design: Jaan Evart

Exhibition team: Richard Adang, Nele Ambos, Tanel Asmer, Indrek Grigor, Joanna Hoffmann, Mare Joonsalu, Margus Joonsalu, Jaanika Kuznetsova, Katrin Lõoke, Julia Polujanenkova, Anti Saar, Peeter Talvistu, Kristo Tamm, Ago Teedema ja Urmo Teekivi



Exhibition views
Photos: Jopp Creative