Mysticism and Eros


Tartu Art Museum 3rd floor

Tartu Art Museum’s artworks collections are the second biggest in Estonia. Exhibition “Mysticism and Eros” introduces the Tartmus collection through works on sexuality. The museum’s collection includes erotic caricatures, intimate drawings, allegorical and mythological works of sexuality, all of which provide a broad and deep basis for the exhibition. The various authors in the collection have covered sexual themes through mythological, allegorical, and also folkloristic aspects. The exhibition is divided into sub-topics: enticement, partner searching, prominence, and family and fertility. Archetypal original myths and figures in the art are a great way to discover the rich cultural heritage through a fascinating theme and also to show the depth of the Tartu Art Museum’s art collection.

Curators: Amar Annus, Kadri Mägi
Coordinator: Kristlyn Liier
Education and audience program: Kristel Sibul
Graphic design and exhibition design: Jaan Evart

Cover photo: Unnamed. Ene-Liis Semper. 2011. Tartu Art Museum