Museum Selection 2014: Edgar Tedresaar

Coordinator: Peeter Talvistu

On Thursday, December 4 at 5 p.m. the exhibition „Museum Selection 2014: Edgar Tedresaar” will be opened in Tartu Art Museum’s Art Atelier. Opening will be followed by a conversation with the artist.

Tartu Art Museum has tried to offer art lovers real treats at the time of our birthday. During the last years after we opened the small Art Atelier this has taken the form of a project called “Museum Selection” whereby we offer a young artist who has shown real promise the possibility of their first museum exhibition. Previously we have selected Anna Hõbemäe and Alar Tuul who both brought warmth to the winter colds with their colourful collections that were made specially for the exhibition and showed their individuality in the best possible way.

This year the museum selection is Edgar Tedresaar who graduated from Tartu Art College in 2010 and completed his master’s studies at the University of Tartu Painting Department this June. Previously Tedresaar caught the eye with his surreal compositions that seemed to reference details from Chagall which led Tartu Art House gallery manager Indrek Grigor to name him as one of the most promising graduates of the Art College. Over the last years Tedresaar has turned towards more abstract paintings made of painted textiles that are then sewed together – one of the reasons for this new approach is surely the course on deconstruction of painting taught by Jaan Elken.

The resulting paintings contain something from Lucio Fontana and Antoni Tàpies and their relation to arte povera cannot be denied. For Tedresaar himself they represent landscapes and portraits that search for ways to exit the boundaries of painting while still maintaining the painterly aspects and the manual approach. At the present exhibition the green-grey palette of Tedresaar’s previous works has become richer and the construction of the paintings’ surface has become even more sculptural.

Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment.

The exhibition “Museum Selection 2014: Edgar Tedresaar” will stay open until January 4.

Come and visit!