Bombed. Tartmus 75!

From August 6th, the second exhibition in the jubilee series Tartmus 75! called Bombed is open to visitors in the museum’s project space. The exhibition sheds light on the complicated history of the museum – it focuses on the critical events of the year 1943 and the museum’s fight for survival in the context of World War II.

On January 27nd 1943 the building at Lai Street 17 where Tartu Art Museum’s collection was held, collapsed due to bombing. In addition to several artworks that were rescued from the debris made by influential artists such as Elmar Kits, Karin Luts and Kristjan Raud, the exhibition also includes photos and archival materials documenting the event. The display is accompanied by quotes from Voldemar Erm’s diary.

The aim of the exhibition is to show art history as a phenomenon developing parallel to its surrounding context being directly influenced by historical events. It also wishes to emphasise that the artworks exhibited can be seen only due to lucky circumstances and the quick and professional action taken by the museum’s staff.
The exhibition will be open until September 27th.

Artists: Peet Aren, August Jansen, Andrei Jegorov, Elmar Kits, Jaan Koort, Märt Laarman, Karin Luts, Kristjan Raud, Balder Toomasberg, Eduard Wiiralt
Curators: Rael Artel and Hanna-Liis Kont, consultant: Peeter Talvistu

You are welcome to celebrate the jubilee with us!