Andres Tolts. Still-life


In painting, Andres Tolts (1949-2014) was both an innovator and a traditionalist. His surprising tonal pairings and conceptual approach to depiction were something completely new for the era. At the same time he was certain of the uniqueness of painting as a method that no other medium could compete with. Throughout the paintings he is more interested in the world of objects than his living environment. These objects are placed frontally, their position is fixed, but the space that surrounds them is unelaborated, it contains no shadows and the objects are exposed homogeneously with no discernible hierarchies. The collections of objects are usually from Tolts` own surroundings, but he does not explain the means of their selection or the principles of their coexistence – there is no place for storytelling and everything has a metaphysical scale. Throughout the years the means of composition remained the same as is evidenced by the works from 1970s and 1980s.