English tour at the exhibition “Landscape Passes Through the House”

English tour on Thursday, April 20th at 6 p.m at the exhibition “Landscape Passes Through the House”. Participation is with the exhibition ticket.

The exhibition „Landscape Passes Through the House“ by Paul Kuimet and Tõnis Saadoja combines various media, time periods and approaches to pose the question of whether it is possible to talk about experiencing landscapes through art and in what ways. Yes, of course it is possible – but is it actual experiencing? Or is it mediating an experience, simply depicting one? Paul Kuimet’s photos and films, Tõnis Saadoja’s paintings and other works of art found in the less known areas of the collections of art museums bring together unpresuming viewpoints, where the focus is on capturing the moment and creating a gestalt: the quiet moments in the skies above suburbia, the silent motion of trees on the side of a highway, the setting or rising sun lost among clouds, an unfinished mud puddle or a random tree.

Paul Kuimet (b 1984) is an artist whose films and photos use reassuring melancholy situations, times and spaces. His focus has been on modernist architecture and how we perceive such ordered space.

Tõnis Saadoja (b 1980) is a painter whose latest series have approached the relationship between people and spaces while asking questions about the places and possibilities of painting after the latest visual turn, when the world is first and foremost perceived through images.


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Photo: Paul Kuimet