Drink & Draw! – “Mysticism and Eros” special

Drink & Draw!

19. December at 6 pm!

Tartu Art Museum invites everyone to draw! Take your own art supplies or borrow from the museum and draw a female model! The event is suitable for both beginners and advanced art enthusiasts. The model changes the pose every ten minutes.

Exhibition “Mysticism and Eros” introduces the Tartmus collection through works on sexuality. The museum’s collection includes erotic caricatures, intimate drawings, allegorical and mythological works of sexuality, all of which provide a broad and deep basis for the exhibition. The various authors in the collection have covered sexual themes through mythological, allegorical, and also folkloristic aspects.

Refreshments by Tanker Brewery
The seats are limited so please register before:

Entrance with an exhibition ticket.

Header illustration by James Jean ♥