Wallflower is a video based on a performance situated in dance-events for finnish tourists, that are a version of the traditional finnish summer pavilion dance. Mostly older couples on their holidays come to these events, who dance only with their partners and don’t ask strangers to dance as it would be appropriate in the proper dance-events in finland. The performance is a subtle act: just the artist, a younger woman, going into the dance in a shiny dress and sitting alone the whole evening waiting for somebody to ask her to dance. Just beeing overdressed and obviously expecting to get to dance creates a very awkward situation and pushes the boundaries of finnish modest mentality and the finnish idea of politeness. Everybody is embarrassed on the lonely girls behalf, but nobody thinks they are the man to ask her to dance.

Väljaandja: Rael Artel Gallery
Ilmumisaasta: 2006
Autor: Pilvi Takala
Keel: inglise
Lehekülgi: kahepoolne leht
Hind: 1 eur