A newspaper presenting twenty-four snapshots by Jan Tomson, photographed in various locations with Nokia E52 and Nokia C5 cell phones.
The images of somewhat closed environments emphasize the idea of the vanishing point, something that actually does not exist in reality but in a mental space, outside of one’s field of vision – somewhere in infinity. Although snapshots, the images of open delivery trucks and vans are framed carefully – the truck is always positioned in the middle of the image, suggesting the linear perspective being cut off by the rectangular space in the center. However, the vehicle also acts as a bridge between the real and the notional.

Väljaandja: LUGEMIK
Ilmumisaasta: 2012
Autor: Jan Tomson
Kujundaja: Jan Tomson
Keel: inglise
Lehekülgi: 24
Mõõdud: 33 x 45 cm
ISBN: 978-9949-9229-7-0
Hind: 3 eur