This book is based on the multimedia project Metabor (since 2001), which has been running for several years––Kiwa’s goal here being to capture a certain ‘primal sound’––also has an escapist and utopist flare.

Metabor serves as a laboratory for experimental electronic music, in the “boreal soundscapes with which she recorded at situationist meta-rituals”(11), art crosses borders, creating a total environment through the union of sound and space, augmented by video, text, kinetic objects and performance elements.
The result is the synthesis of all mediums––Gesamtkunstwerk––a total cosmopoetic experience.
The word ‘metabor’ is thereby formed through the incantation ‘mutabor’ (a form of the word ‘change’ in Latin), found in the fairy tale Kalif Stork by Wilhelm Hauff and also in Hermann Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf, on the door of the magic theatre.

Väljaandja: KIWA (PARANOIA)

Ilmumisaasta: 2005

Formaat: pehmekaaneline

Autor: Kiwa

Kujudaja: Kaarel Kurismaa

Keel: Inglise

Lehekülgi: 68

Mõõdud: 15,5 x 27 cm


Hind: 10 eur