A book dealing with the various stages and ingredients of artist’s book making and publishing. Final result of “Make Your Own Press”, the collaborative KUNO network project between students and teachers from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Jutland Art Academy, and Estonian Academy of Arts. The project concentrated on the history and publishing of artist’s books and on the critical study of the present day issues in art publishing. ”Almost a Centimeter” was launched in the framework of a public seminar at Kumu Art Museum on Friday, April 4, 2014.
The book consists of six sections each reflecting on various aspects of what it takes to realize a publication: “Stealing in a Comfortable Way”, “Editors are Artists as Editors”, “A Conversation Between Two Artists and a Designer Trying to Work on a Project About Design – and the Process Behing it”, “Reproscapes”, “Lines Across Universe” and “Choose Your Action”.

Väljaandja: KUNO
Ilmumisaasta: 2014
Formaat: pehmekaaneline
Toimetajad: Brett Bloom, Brandon LaBelle, Indrek Sirkel, Laura Toots, Anu Vahtra
Autorid:  Ingrid Rundberg, Iida Kaisa Urm, Allan Appelberg, Ragna Sverresdotter Haugstad, Cisser Mæhl, Ann-Kristin Stølan, Anna Thordal, Ingel Vaikla, Liisa Ambur, Anne-Sofie Overgaard, Sandra Strēle, Marten Limbach, Linda Samuelsson, Holger Højbjerg, Anna Kubista Löfman, Kristina Õllek
Keel: inglise
Lehekülgi: 98
Mõõdud: 18 x 25 cm
ISBN: 978-9949-3364-3-2
Hind: 5 eur