This publication accompanies the exhibition ,,Peeter Allik. Cultivated Schizophrenia” at the Tartu Art Museum (09.06.2017-17.09.2017) and it summarises Allik’s career, its main characteristics, visual language and endless connections. This is one possible approach to his diverse and extremely substantial creative output.
Peeter Allik is masterful both in painting and in printmaking. Despite constantly working in two media, Allik’s world-view and artistic position remain the same: witty, off-beat, and synthesising new qualities from the absurd and illogic that surrounds us.

Published by: Tartu Kunstimuuseum
Year: 2017
Compiler/editor: Joanna Hoffmann
Graphic design: Katrin Nõu
Proofreaders: Richard Adang, Dana Karjatse
Translator: Peeter Talvistu
Format: hardcover
Language: estonian, english
Pages: 376
Measures: 28,5 x 23,1 cm
ISBN: 9789949987962
Price: 19 eur