This publication accompanies solo show ,,M’s Wet Dream” by Anna-Stina Treumund that took place in 09.12.2016-26.02.2017 at Tartu Art Museum.
Anna-Stina Treumund has studied photography at the Tartu Art College (2003-2007) and at the Estonian Academy of Arts (2007-2010). She has supplemented her studies at the art academies of Vienna and Vilnius. Treumund uses photography to express thoughts and ideas about the visibility of queer women in contemporary Estonian society.

Published by: Tartu Kunstimuuseum
Year: 2017
Compiler/editor: Rael Artel
Graphic design: Jaana Davidjants
Proofreaders: Dana Karjatse, Richard Adang
Format: soft cover
Language: estonian, english
Pages: 111
Measures: 29,6 x 22,1 cm
ISBN: 9789949987924
Price: 10 eur