The Neighbouring House is Heated with Peat


The curators of the exhibition “The Neighbouring House is Heated with Peat” have decided to bring together landscapes from the art collection of Margus Punab, which is otherwise known for its focus on existentialism and sexuality. Subconscious values and everything we don’t even know that we know play an important role in people’s self-expression. In art, where we expect sincerity from the author, elements that come unconsciously to the artist are even more visible than usual to the viewer. Reflecting on their own fleeting existence, artists often seek and find solace in a seemingly eternal landscapes, the character of which speaks perhaps even more about the author than about the fear of temporality.

Concept: Katrin Kivimaa
Curators: Indrek Grigor and Peeter Krosmann
Exhibition design: Peeter Krosmann
Graphic design: Katrin Nõu
Quotes selected by: Eva Lepik

Repro: Imat Suumann “Untitled”, 2018, Collection of Margus Punab